Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Featured: Local Noise

So I am a huge proponent of cultivating and nurturing the local EDM scene here in New England; and as such it is my pleasure to post up two new EPs by local producers. First at bat is Argonaut Music's album titled "Origins." Working diligently for the last year, Argonaut Music is pleased to be sharing with the world their first album having believed to have finally found their unique sound. This self taught production duo of Conor Ebbs and Jake Myhill, give listeners a verity of sounds and skills on this six track release. Jumping from electro, to progressive, to straight up house "Origins" is a solid first endeavor for these Boston locals--and only leaves us excited to see they will be able to produce further along in their career.  These are a few of my favorite track on the album, which you can listen to in its entirety HERE.

"The Winter Blizzard" EP is describes as, "[a] medley of varying styles and tunes. From fast french house to subtle, melodic electronic funk, this EP is for all seasons." The creation of 22 year old, full time electrical engineer, and part time composer Anath. "The Winter Blizzard" EP is full of funky tracks to jam to, and really interesting into/outro samples--I never thought that the sound of crunching snow underfoot would find its way onto a EDM EP. Yet, those intro/outro samples tell the story that's over arching this entire EP. A very subtle, but powerful, addition to the EP showing us that Anath has an acute sense of artistry and storytelling--however, being in an English major in school I know that I could just be over analyzing it all. Either way enjoy!

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