Monday, February 11, 2013

Mother Funky Monday

The beauty of fresh snowfall here in New England has been short lived, because today the stupid rain showed up...thanks rain for ruining it for us. You have accelerated the accumulation of the dreaded brown poop colored snow, which further reinforces the dullness of winter. However, I have found an antidote to this dreariness--and no its not new SHM. Rather here is Back2Funk's "Thelostprojectfileminimix."

This free download, is packed with fantastic disco cuts from a bygone era of music. The Czech DJ/Producer Back2Funk creates a seamless flow of four-to-the-floor beats that will transport you away from the dull grays of outside, and place you in the middle of one of those light up dance floors, like the one from Saturday Night Fever. If this mix has your foot tapping for more, you can see what else Back2Funk has to offer HERE on soundcloud.

I'm still learning all the ins and outs of what can be done on soundcloud, and last night DJ JustinMicheal from sunny So-Cal shared, with little old me, his newest mash up. Always a fan of finding random artist on the interwebs, I have never had an artist...find me I guess. However, with a mash up like this one from Justin Micheal I don't hate it. Kudos Micheal, not only do you have two first names but you have a new fan.

A few months back I stumbled upon, without having to use, a remixer by the name of Kreap. Hailing from the land down under, I really have enjoyed all of his releases that are on soundcloud. Having not really heard much from him recently, Kreap just put out a few new tracks, all of which are interesting to say the least, and a bit of a departure from his usual disco sound. This guy's ambiguity is both what is very frustrating, especially when trying to "report" about him, and at the same time what makes him so much fun to watch. [update] I was actually lucky enough to chat with Kreap, and these aren't actually new tracks he made them back in the mid 2000s....either way enjoy.

Jon Jonker, who resides behind the alias Known To Be Lethal, has just put out a new production yesterday. "Pixel war," which is labeled as ultra bit, is what I would expect to hear if Nintendo came up with a Guitar Hero game during their 8-bit days. A producer from Michigan, Known To Be Lethal spans many genre's but still holds true to his hard electro roots. If you aren't already familiar with him, check out the rest of his soundcloud HERE

Lastly, if you live within the Massachusetts/Boston area and haven't discovered 96.9 yet do yourself a favor and switch on the station. Although it seems that today all radio stations are plagued by bad top 40s, and Flo Rida who's capacity for originality is as limited as; Hot 96.9 boasts playing all "your favorite throwbacks." Thankfully its true, they do play all the hottest throwbacks from the 90s and early 2000s. Headlined by Pebbles from Jammin' 94.5; if you grew up grinding to gangsta rap at far to young age, and remember when Jenny was still from the block you will not be disappointed.

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